How it works

HurryUp was created by athletes who have been using Strava since its launch and missed the opportunity to see a leaderboard based on multiple segments, rather than just who is fastest on a single segment.

What is HurryUp

HurryUp is a digital platform where you can compete in multiple segments in cycling, running and Nordic skiing. 

Getting started

Step 1: Sign up

Create your HurryUp account to get started.

Step 2: Connect your device

Seamlessly link your device to upload your activities directly to HurryUp.

Step 3: Dive into challenges

Whether you're creating your own or joining existing ones, challenges are where the excitement happens. Get out there, tackle the segments, and climb the overall leaderboards!

What is a challenge

A challenge consists of multiple segments. Completing a segment earns you points based on your performance, contributing to your standing on the challenge leaderboard.

Public vs private challenges

You can create or join either public or private challenges. In a public challenge, anyone can join. A private challenge is only for you and your friends. 

How to create a challenge

You can create a challenge here. But since a challenge consists of multiple segments, you need to either find segments other people have created, or you have to create them yourself. 

How to create a segment

First, you need to connect your device. That way your activities are automatically uploaded to HurryUp.

Create your segment here, and choose the activity you want to create a segment from.

If you use Strava, you can also download a .FIT file, and upload to HurryUp. 

Then use the new segment in your challenge.