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After signing in, you'll see the "Create challenge" button up in the right corner. You can also click here. Have fun! 

A challenge is a collection of segments, where you score points on each segment in the challenge. The points on each segments is used in a total leaderboard for the challenge, and each segment-leaderboard. You set the timeframe, and the athletes efforts completed within the timeframe is added to the challenge.

Yes! You can choose segments from all the sports we support. Every segment is tagged with the sport it belongs to. Simply add the segments you want in the challenge, with the specified sport. Currently we support cycling, running and nordic skiing, and they can all be combined in one challenge.

To create a segment, you need to connect your device, and complete an activity which will be synced to HurryUp. Once an activity is synced, you can visit your activity here, and click the "Create segment" button above the map. You can connect your device here: settings

A segment can be minimum 200m, and maximum 50km. Please read this article. How to create good segments.

You can read about the supported devices here: Devices we support

Yes, all participants need to have an account.

Go to the menu and click "Settings", then scroll down to "Connect your devices", choose your device then hit connect.