How to create good segments?

Segment matching relies heavily on GPS tracking data, and we must operate within the limitations posed by GPS signals. Due to signal variations, certain allowances are made to determine what constitutes being "on the track." The following guidelines are provided to enhance the likelihood of a successful effort matching the segment:

Checklist for Creating a Segment:

  • Descriptive title. Make sure the title says where the segment is.
  • Describe the segment. If there's anything special it, explain it so that everyone can complete it.
  • Ensure the use of high-quality data. Poor GPS reception may lead to erratic paths, diminishing the accuracy of matching efforts.
  • Avoid stopping or making abrupt maneuvers within the activity segment path, as this information becomes public and may hinder matching by other participants.
  • Verify the existence of the segment before creating a new one by checking the existing segments here.
  • Avoid starting or ending the segment just before or after a u-turn, as this can trigger the "endpoint" prematurely, affecting matching accuracy.
  • Consider the distance when creating segments. While we strive to accommodate diverse segments, very short or very long segments present challenges due to factors such as GPS signal loss, bad reception, wrong turns, and the likelihood of errors in timing for shorter segments.

This checklist will be periodically updated, so it is advisable to revisit it when engaged in segment creation.

Thank you for creating segments!